Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

Kirkland Property Solutions is a complete interior and exterior remodeling service. We complete everything from full bath, kitchen, and bedroom remodels to replacing siding, structural supports, and roofing.

Are you licensed and insured?

Kirkland Property Solutions is licensed and insured. Professionalism is our priority. 

Would you come and tell me what something costs to remodel?

We are happy to give you an estimate on a remodel or project. Every new project starts with a call from me, Brendan. We will go over what you are looking to do and the next steps.

I just have a small job. Would you still help?

Kirkland Property Solutions takes jobs big and small. We are always willing to talk to you about your project no matter the size. 

What is your expertise?

With a crew of 9+ guys and growing, we all have our own expertise. This allows Kirkland Property Solutions to handle any project you need. 

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